Learning History Through Music

An uplifting and educational project for grades K – 8 focusing on the Preamble to the Constitution, The Battle at Gettysburg and Civil War, and the Statue of Liberty and immigration to the United States. Designed to engage children and teach them about these important moments in our American cultural heritage that still resonate so strongly today, the collection includes teacher resources and core-aligned lesson plans, lyric sheets, sheet music, documentary DVDs, music videos, mp3s, and CDs. All are available individually, as downloads or physical products, or together in one economical and integrated book/DVD/CD package.

Goodnight My Honey Bunnies

This beautiful children’s book by Sandy Wilbur and Kimberley Ray is designed to delight and soothe babies and children ages 0 – 7, and parents, teachers, and caretakers of all ages. A free, downloadable lullaby album is included with purchase. A nice way to transition from active day to soothing bedtime tradition, this makes a wonderful baby shower, birthday, or any-occasion gift or children’s library selection.